• Mobile In-app Market Research
    In-app surveys for accurate, in-the moment insights
    from the right consumers at the right time

Impact of Images on Consumer Behavior in a New Product Category How a brand got the insights to drive new product sales in a few hours

Run simple, visual, interactive in-app surveys embedded in popular mobile apps

Reach your target consumers on their smart phones to get accurate insights and data across large sample sizes on interactive graphs with clickable demographic segmentation

Reach consumers in the
mobile apps they use
Create simple, visual, interactive in-app surveys and distribute them across a network of mobile apps used by millions of consumers. This new approach transforms market research as you can reach a huge moving target with precision.
Gamify market research to
engage consumers
Engage and reward mobile users with in-app incentives to get undivided attention and in-the-moment insights for consumer. Gamification of research with visual surveys and interactive tasks is aligned with the function and design of the mobile app.

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Mobile Apps and Gamification in Consumer Research
Sep 30, Webinar


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Download and install the demo app to see how Unomer mobile in-app market research platform gives brands access to a large base of smartphone users, enables precise targeting based on user profile and behavioural data, and delivers in-the moment insights in real-time.

Explore how you can use in-app surveys to engage consumers for research